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Thai Massage

Thai Massage: an exceptional combination of conventional Massage and Yoga


A traditional Thai massage service removes energy obstructions in the body and re-establishes its natural poise and harmony. It is a comprehensive system which distinctively combines deep tissue kneading, reflexology along the body’s energy lines, acupressure, and twisting and stretching techniques of yoga with focus on tension reduction and elimination of muscle soreness.

Thai Massage reduces stress, and boosts up liveliness of mind, body and soul. Leisurely, smooth, and rhythmic motions of Thai massage are both relaxing and therapeutic in nature and invigorate the whole body.

Why you should get a Thai Massage?

There are countless benefits of Thai Massage and going through the following list you will definitely think that you should get one, not once, but regularly.

  • Thai massage can greatly aid in healing from injuries and sickness.
  • By clearing blockages in flow of energy, Thai Massage assists in enhancing body’s circulation, respiratory, nervous, digestive, and immune systems.
  • Thai Massage tranquilizes the nervous system, and brings blood pressure and heart rate to normal, resulting in a reduction emotional and psychological strain and promotes restful sleep.
  • It alleviates muscle exhaustion, pain and stiffness and reinvigorates the body.
  • Due to its use of yoga techniques, Thai Massage dampens body’s stiffness and increases range and flexibility of movement.
  • Helps in increasing muscle power and avoiding muscle degeneration.
  • Enhances body posture.
  • Relieves swollen limbs and painful joints
  • It also improves oxygen and other important nutrient flow throughout the body and thus enhances skin completion.
  • Thai Massage therapy can also prove useful in a wide range of specific conditions such as tension headaches, neck and shoulder tension, back pain, joint pain, digestive disorders, menstruation problems, insomnia and other conditions.

What to wear :

Wear your loose or stretchy clothes like yoga gear.

To book your Thai Massage, please call 905-501-0035 extn 2 or call/text/ WhatsApp @ 289-981-2891 and schedule an appointment with Asra Noori, RMT.

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