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Sport Injuries

Sports Injury Treatment & Prevention

Sports Injury Treatment & Prevention

Injuries during sports or otherwise can cause major problems not only in your sports but also in your daily life.  Injuries can be prevented from happening in the first place with precautionary physiotherapy. Our professionals provide sports injuries treatment Mississauga.


For the serious leisure time athletes with fitness and health being the main goals, injuries can be a big obstruction in achieving those goals. However, for the professional sportspersons performance requires preparation and hard training. Don’t get yourself out of the squad due to injuries. Don’t forget to visit your physiotherapist before starting training for the peak season in order get an assessment of your risk of injury. Prevention and precautionary measures in advance are essential to best performance in sports.

Your physiotherapists will make a complete assessment both pre and post season. The assessment will include a checkup of muscle balances, a discussion on prior injuries and training concerns. This assessment will result in a customized training plan to maintain and restore proper muscle functioning to diminish the risk of injury and improve overall performance. Our professionals provide sports injuries treatment Mississauga.

Don’t kill time until pain finally sidelines you! If you experiencing any of these symptoms, we can help you:

  • Prolonged stiffness in joints or muscles after training
  • Difficulty felt with increase in training intensity
  • Deteriorating sports performance

Sports Injuries Treatment Mississauga

The first step in the management of sports related injuries is the limiting of pain and inflammation in order to reduce panic to the athlete and to allow the body to begin its healing process. However, treatment does and must not stop as soon as pain is relieved. The real treatment begins after this initial stage. A look into the research on sports injuries makes it crystal clear that a failure to effectively rehabilitating the sportsperson completely results in an increase in risk of either original injury happening again or a different one.

Chronic injuries may take place due muscle imbalances during training, insufficient muscle strength, as a recompense of earlier injuries, or overtraining. Specific exercise focus towards right sizing muscles that are too short or too long, or strengthening of muscles that are too weak can be the proper treatment in such cases.

We at Bristol Rehab & Medical Clinic have a team of highly skilled physiotherapists that has years of experience in dealing all sorts of sports related injuries in athletes of all levels from the causal enthusiastic to world level athletes. Our physiotherapists are well trained in performing detailed risk analysis factors and patterns of muscle imbalances. Restoration of muscle balances and retraining proprioception makes a chronic injury controllable. We will provide you with a targeted work out plans focused on regaining your mobility, flexibility, strength and proprioception and to curtailing the risk of future injury. Our professionals provide sports injuries treatment Mississauga.

Treatment Techniques

Bristol Rehab & Medical Clinic offers a wide variety of empirically established treatment methods for all and especially sports related injuries. These include but are not limited to:

  • Targeted exercises designed to restore balance, suppleness, strength, and stamina.
  • Specialized therapy for joint or muscle stiffness.
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) and acupuncture for handling neuropathic pain and swelling
  • Myofascial release techniques for short or tight muscles and soft tissue
  • Ultrasound and other electrotherapy techniques for acute injuries
  • Stabilization of muscles, joints or bones with tape or bracing
  • Proprioceptive taping for movement retraining and control (i.e. Kinesiotape)

We also have an assortment of OTC braces for various conditions, for instance, carpal tunnel; pain in the shoulder, elbow or wrist; and knee and ankle sprains. Custom fitted ACL braces are also available.

If you or someone close to you has sustained a sports injury then it is best that you get in touch with Bristol Rehab and Medical Clinic to know more about your options. Sports injuries treatment Mississauga to stay safe while sporting. We are the way to your healing, and regaining your peak performance. Don’t waste your precious time. Contact us today!

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