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Bristol Rehab & Medical Clinic

Our Vision

To play our role in building an inspirational community; where everyone is living a healthy, thriving, energetic and self fulfilling life.

Our Mission

Bristol Rehab & Medical Clinic is committed towards providing our community their trusted place for state of the art health care services at reasonable prices. With our patients in focus we strive towards attracting, and retaining highly skilled health care professionals.

Our Values

Our team is guided by our core values. We have:

  • A strong Commitment towards the well being of the people we serve.
  • An Awareness of our role in our Community. We participate in addressing the health issues of our community by educating our patients about staying healthy in future.
  • A Goal-Oriented Approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them.
  • A Respect for patient’s privacy and integrity. This in turn creates a Trust in us by our patients.
  • A strong belief in Diversity of our staff, which in turn improves our communication with our patients.
  • A relentless pursuit of Excellence in everything we do.
  • A belief in Team Approach to solving patient problems where the patients form a part of our team.